car cam r30
Your personal eyewitness Meet the new Mio MiVue Mirror R30, a unique dash cam that’s especially designed to fit on to your rear view mirror. With the Mirror R30, you are able to record every minute of your journey, while keeping your dashboard clear. The slim and compact design ensures that you’ll hardly notice you have a dash cam in your car. It’s safely and discretely hidden behind your mirror. And of course, you don’t lose the functionality of your actual mirror; the Mirror R30 slides easily over your mirror and replaces it with a mirror of its own. When you want to see your recording, you can simply press the power key to turn on the screen, and press OK. If you like to switch it off again to use your rear view mirror, just press the power key again. While driving, the Extreme HD camera records your journey, functioning as your personal eyewitness on the road. So in case of an accident, you always have crystal clear recordings of what happened. Or when you have enjoyed driving through beautiful, memorable scenery, you can share your experience with friends and family. The new MiVue Mirror R30 is the ideal solution for everyone who values the safety of having a dash cam as a personal eyewitness on the road, but likes to keep their dashboard clear.